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We are expecting a very hot May, here, in Reviews for Book Lovers!

"Coming In" by Michelle Ogilvy, will be released on May 15, 2017 by NineStar Press.

Thanks to Indigo Marketing & Design, I have the ARC already, so I am really excited to put my hands in this MM Romance involving two bisexual friends. I hope to have my review very soon and share the write up with all of you!

And we also have the date for the Blog Tour! it will be on May 17. In the meanwhile, to make our mouths water, here we have the exciting BLURB:

Jay and Adam have been sharing a flat, and a bed, since they moved down to Adelaide after high school a couple of years ago. Neither man considers himself gay or mentions the sexual nature of their friendship to anyone else.

Their arrangement doesn’t stop Jay from casually dating random women he meets through work and both men seem happy with the way things are. That is, until Adam meets April, a damsel in distress that latches herself onto Adam in a way that he doesn’t mind at all. Jay sure does, though.

As Adam gets closer to April, the friendship between the two men starts to unravel and for the first time in years, Jay is facing a life without Adam. If he wants to save their friendship, he will have to offer Adam a lot more than a spot in his bed. There’s only one problem, Jay doesn’t believe in love.


On May 11, 2017 we have a New Release in MM Romance. It is an Enemies to Lovers story and I can´t wait to read it and tell you everything about it.

I expect my review will be ready before  May 19, day of the BLOG TOUR! but, in the meanwhile here we have the BLURB:

I buried my twin sister six months after she found out she had cancer. Her funeral was three months ago. Today is our birthday and it started with delivery of letters from her.

It seems she didn’t trust me to move on after her death. She knows me too well. But how can I go on when my other half is just...gone? That’s not something I can recover from with a snap of my fingers. But I also can’t ignore her instructions even though I’d be perfectly content to cuddle up with my buddy, Johnnie Walker, and call it a year.

She has a list of things for me to do and there are rules attached.

There’s one major problem besides the fact it’s been three months since I left the house. I have to do all these things with her jerk of an ex, Hawk Simmons. He abandoned her shortly after she found out she was sick. If that wasn’t enough to make this a really bad idea, the fact that he makes an appearance in all my nighttime fantasies probably does.

I don’t think I can do this, but I owe it to my sister’s memory to try.

This is a stand-alone male/male contemporary romance novel.

You can take a look on Goodreads: :Believe in the wish and thank you very much Indigo Marketing & Design for this exciting ARC!

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Back Piece (Skin Deep Inc., #1)Back Piece by L.A. Witt
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

In this new book by LA Witt, a tattoo artist with some baggage, and an inexperienced Navy man, guilty about his sexuality because of the way he's been raised, cross paths in life, connecting two complete different worlds and personalities.

At first, everything is sex between them, mostly because of Colin and his "I don't do relationships". Daniel's naivety and inexperience makes him go with the flow, following Colin's lead

And when they start to have sex so early in the story I thought "oh no, please, not too many gratuitous sex scenes , don't make me skip pages and drop stars, please, please..." But fortunately, my concern was unfounded. There is too much sex, that's true, but I started developing some kind of closeness with the couple while something was growing between them.

I liked that the characters were pretty real and imperfect. Daniel lived in an oppressive environment that made him the man he is today. Colin is more laid-back coming from a modern and understanding family that supports him and his decisions. Both share their experiences and start new ones together. In a way, Colin fix Daniel since the conviction that he is definitely gay comes with Colin.
Not that there was something wrong in Daniel that needed fixing, of course not, but I'm talking metaphorically here and, in a sense,the 'fixing' goes further, with the execution of his myth back tattoo. With the ink Daniel confronts years of doubts and fears. Colin practically ink him hope and independence. And I loved this idea (maybe it is just my idea, but I love it anyway) because the ink hurts Daniel, he is suffering while getting tattooed, but he is doing it to free himself... Or maybe, just maybe, this whole metaphorical thing was in my mind... And I am the only one thinking it was pretty cool.

"For the first time in my life, I could be gay and nobody could punish me for it"

Daniel is sweet, naive, and pretty normal keeping in mind the way he'd been raised.
Colin is a very interesting guy. I love the way he expresses himself, the way he talks about porn and tattoos, for instance. I was very drawn to his stories and how he told them. He is natural. He is damaged but pretty conscious of that. He faces his demons knowing sometimes they win. And, here comes the GREAT thing Daniel does for Colin: he UNDERSTANDS him without judging.

Another thing I liked about Colin that made me love the character more is that, even if he is struggling with his problems, he seems calm and transmitted this calm and acceptance to me, something paradoxical since we know he is not ok in the inside.

I also liked Daniel. It could seem like I don't, but I really do. It's just that I had problems sympathizing with him in the 'family field'. I don't understand (and lately I think a lot about it) how is possible to love someone who hates who and what you are. How is possible to still try to make your parents happy when they are awful with you and think about you as a sick person. I know family is family and all that (I am a mother and a daughter myself) but, come on, I'm not talking here about support, not even approval, just letting someone be.
I hate toxic families.

That said, I truly liked Daniel and maybe I have to be more understanding because he really is terrified and frightened, and his fear comes from the way he has been raised, so it has to be difficult to come to terms with who you are, when all your life your family told you it's wrong.

I haven't read anything by L.A Witt since I read "Rules of Engagement", my first M/M book ever. It changed my life (or, at least, my readings) so I started "Back Piece" with fear, not knowing how it was going to work for me, since the expectations were high. And I liked it, I really enjoyed it but, sadly, didn't love it the way I wanted, and I'm sure it was for the reason above. Compete with your first (and great) MM read is not easy but no doubt I'll be reading this author again asap. I missed an epilogue though.

Review posted on:

**An advanced reading copy of this book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review via Netgalley"  

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NEWS: Tease, by Ella Frank.

We could say this is one of the most expected books in MM Romance. A fourth book in the Temptation Series by Ella Frank.

Yes, Dear Readermore from Logan and Tate! And it seems that there will be two more books after this one.
You can´t wait, right? Well, you don´t have to do it for long, since Tease´s Expected Publication is on May 9!

Take a look on Goodreads: Temptation (6 books)

Here we have Cover and Blurb:

BLURB: Tease - verb: to tantalize especially by arousing desire or curiosity often without intending to satisfy it....unless your name is Tate Morrison.

It’s been four years since Logan Mitchell walked into Tate’s life and irrevocably changed it. Four years since the sexy as sin lawyer dared him to try, and four years since Tate won his love.

Now, as they approach the next chapter of their lives Logan is determined they won’t end up like many of their friends. Settled. Domestic. Boring. However, that’s easier said than done. With busy careers and working odd hours, finding time for one another is becoming increasingly difficult.

But that sh*t isn’t going to fly with Logan or Tate.

The two of them are determined to compromise to get what it is they want, and what they want is each other.

Tease is the sexy, tantalizing continuation of the two men who stole your heart... and popped your cherry

What else can I say? Just

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Release this month in M/F Romance: Black Dagger Brotherhood. J.R Ward talks about vampires

This is one of my favorites vampire's series of all time. It has an astonishing world, great characters and a very attractive atmosphere that drugs you in.
If you are a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan, you are in luck this month with this new installment. I haven't read it yet and I'm so excited!
If you are not a fan but you love vampires stories, with sexy characters and great action, you are also lucky because you have a lot of books in this series to read beside this one and, believe me, they are gooood!

So here you can check my read shelf containing this great series:✓&search%5Bquery%5D=Black+dagger

And if you love (and you will) the BDB universe,we have a spinoff! I'm talking about "The Black Dagger Legacy",  and though I haven't start this one yet, it comes with great recommendations. This new series has two released books and a third is coming on 2018, so we have plenty of time to read it! 

And here I share some J.R Ward thoughts, from a Goodreads interview

J.R. Ward's The Chosen was released this month, the 15th book in her beloved Black Dagger Brotherhood paranormal romance series. Since the bestselling author has now spent more than a decade writing about vampires, Goodreads asked her to share her thoughts on the enduring appeal and power of the "children of the night." OK, it just so happens that I love talking about vampires. Which is kind of handy, considering how much time I spend with them! And the question which is most often posed to me is this: Why? Why are these dangerous, sexy, mystical creatures so fascinating both to authors and readers?

I think the most compelling reason for vampire stories, and their enduring appeal, comes from the conflict that they bring to any narrative. In my mind, all story is driven by conflict, and for the reader to be satisfied and entertained, the conflict has to be credible, resolvable, and unpredictable: Cue the children of the night. Vampires are like the Holy Grail of Holy Sh*t Did That Just Frickin' Happen. Whether they are the protagonists or antagonists, because of their superhuman powers, preternatural allure, and—at times—questionable moral compasses, they provide higher stakes and all kinds of story possibilities that, if Homo sapiens were trying to pull them off, would fail under the NFW (No F**king Way) rule.

Vampires also come with a commonly known lexicon. Instantly most folks get the gist of these marvelous creatures: the no-sunlight thing, the possible immortality, the taking a vein, the seduction. All of these particulars, and more, can be tweaked by the author, but there is not a lot of explaining and setup that needs to be done when you're jumping into a story with them. People get it, instantly, and are intrigued and excited. Exposition is the kiss of death for any story—the old adage of "show, don't tell" is as true now as it ever was—and when a vampire arrives, he or she carries the weight of all that have gone before. As an author, I don't have to explain much at all to get your attention and hold it with vampires.

And then there's the leather pants (!!!!) thing. There is a lot of romance in my books, and when you're trying to present a hero that makes readers think, "YASSSSSSS, absolutely I'd swipe right on that," you can't go wrong with a vampire. Seduction is their calling card, the air of deadly power their cologne, their glowing eyes and descending fangs the stuff of both nightmare and fantasy. They are the wild predator walking among us, only partially camouflaged by the trappings of civilization. The beast that is tamable by love.

But for me, there is also one other reason I like to have them in my books. (Not that it was a choice. The Brotherhood showed up and took over more than a decade ago, and they're still driving my bus!) Life is so hard. It can be brutal and cruel and mercurial. Because of this, people need an escape, and sometimes it's better to step into the shoes of something Other than us. We can watch things that have perhaps affected us personally through a prism of Otherness. It's like a buffer. Vampires have many human characteristics, good and bad, and in their struggles we see insulated reflections of ourselves. It's vivid but not glaring (if that makes any sense).

At the end of the day—or the night, as the case may be—vampires have shaped my life, and I will always be forever grateful to them (and my readers!) for lighting my way as I do what I love for a living!

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Fast Connection (Cyberlove, #2)Fast Connection by Megan Erickson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book two in the Cyberlove Series. This is the story of Luke and Dominic, two bisexual guys who apparently has nothing in common, except for both being veterans.
This is a book about a man who has to face a new life full of insecurities, and another man who doesn't know how to balance family and boyfriend in the same world. This is a highly recommend M/M love story.

"Hell yeah! Bisexual squad of Staten Island! We should make a FB page"

This book was terrific! I loved it even more than its predecessor and I know this statement is risky when both are so good, but Fast Connection has on it one of the best couples ever, with the great addition of Kai and Garret's presence. So, awesome story, delightful characters and dirty and rough sex. What else do you need?

I have to say this book worked perfectly for me, among other things, because I have a weakness (I have a few, but this is on the top five): main characters with kids. I get so excited when I have one of this tough guys, with a really dirty mouth but, at the same time, he is a loving and caring father... And Luke is this kind of man (also grumpy, hot, rough, dirty...) and I loved him all the way, as much as I loved Dominic.

And, what to say about Dominic... He was not at all what I thought he was in Strong Signal. Super far from it, actually. My poor Costigan. I completely understood him and felt really sad for him not knowing what his part in life was. The situation gave Dominic a perspective of uselessness that wasn't easy for him and it was perfectly transmitted to me.
I was feeling more sympathetic with Dominic page after page, and loving him more and more, because he was going through this thing alone and people can be strong and confident (as Costigan is) but, everyone needs someone to encourage them or, simply, listen to them when they feel the need and, here, is where Luke comes. He is that for Dominic, and I loved him because of his behavior. Well, I love him because of the rough sex and the dirty mouth but, also, because he was supportive and kind.

"He was a real person with a real life, and I just short of...existed in the world and took up space"

I need to say that I love the texting in this book. Between Luke and Dominic, and also between Dominic and Garret. It always came in the perfect moment, giving me a huge smile. I really felt the texting like any other personal interaction in the book.

"Garret: answer me one thing
Dominic: wha
Garret: you're a total fucking bottom aren't you?"

And, of course, I LOVED the sex scenes. They were hot, passionate and give me an incredible feeling of eagerness. The dirty sex is one of the best things in this book, and I really enjoyed it!

This was a book I didn't want to finish. I wouldn't have mind two more hours of reading. It was intense and very funny, and even if it was not very angsty, I cried a few times because I really felt very implied and sympathetic with the characters. And not only with Luke and Dominic. I also felt very near to Adriana. Is difficult to fit in a world that doesn't understand you or you don't understand, she had a memorable quote: "playing fallen world has kept me sane. When I play, I'm not me anymore"

Highly recommend!

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Reaper's Claim
Reaper's Claim by Simone Elise
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A New Adult Motorcycle Club romance that follows the story between Abby, the daughter of the Satan's Sons Prez, and Kade, a tough member of the club, known as Reaper.

I can't make up my mind with this one... Finally, after a long inner debate, I'm giving it 3.5 stars.
The first 30% of the story was almost a 5 stars rate, but then, something changed and it became a New Adult story, missing the real club problems, more focussed on the Harrison's twins and their issues.

Don't misunderstand me, I love New Adult novels. Just it's my first time mixing MC with NA and I didn't know what to think about it. Maybe I wanted more depth in the club business and less about Abby's childish behavior.

Abby, our female main character starts being sassy and brave, because she has lived all her life between rough and violent men, and knows how to deal with them.
She is, at the same time, badass and reserved and this is an attractive combination that makes you understand why Reaper likes her. I really liked Abby at first too. Then, out of the blue, she became the typical annoying character, acting like a teenager and making wrong decisions.
I get it, she is young and I have to say I didn't hate her even I didn't understand her at times. I missed the Abby from the first 30%.

Probably the thing I loved the most about the book was Reaper. He is a very attractive alpha male. I really liked him, though maybe I wanted to read more about his job for the club.
It's not that it's not developed, is just I needed and wanted to know why he is the way he is, to profound more in the killer, soulless bastard that he supposedly is. After all, that is his excuse for not being with Abby.

There was something I didn't get along completely: all the sex scenes fade to black. All of them. Every single one. And though I don't hate it, sometimes, I like to read some steamy, hot sex. Not the unnecessary, gratuitous and out of place scenes. No. The dirty ones all bikers books need to have because they are rough, and sexy, and usually super dirty.
In my modest opinion, in this kind of book, at least one dirty scene is completely necessary. It is one of the most attractive things to me in biker's books: the contrast between the hard, rough and dirty mouthed guy, and the sweet and loving in him.

Even though all the criticism above, I really enjoyed this story. I couldn't put it down and I would recommend it to anyone who likes MC's books, but here is my warning: Reaper's Claim has a big component of New Adult, so some love for this genre is needed.

The second installment come out this month. Am I going to read it? OF COURSE I will. In fact, I can't wait!

***This book was generously provided to me by Inkitt in exchange for an honest review***

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Strong Signal (Cyberlove #1)Strong Signal by Megan Erickson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is about those bonds you can form with people you don't really know. This is a love story, a sexy love story about two wonderful guys who find each other online and start caring and building something special.
This is Kai and Garret's story, a highly recommend M/M book written by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell.

"In the billions of people on this shitty planet that I'd never be able to meet in person, the Internet had handed me one person who seemed to be absolutely perfect for me".

I can't say I haven't been warned because I was. Everyone loved this book and told me so. The pressure was there. I knew I was starting something with high (very high) expectations. I think, at least one friend (Dani, probably) would have unfriend me asap if I didn't like it ;) But easy, easy... No worries here, and you know why? Because I COMPLETELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!

What a couple! Sweet, cute, funny, hot and super dirty mouthed. I really enjoyed the dirty in them and when I say they were hot, I'm meaning TOTALLY HOT , even before they met in person (and don't make me talk about this first encounter on Kai's doorstep...)

When I started reading MM romance I was thinking in this kind of book, where the story is great, the characters deep, rich, and funny and the pace is awesome and absorbent.

"Your present is attached in the form of an MP4 file, and is a video of me touching my dick. I never claim to be a romantic"

I love the contrast between sweet and dirty. Between funny and seriousness. I loved the way the characters are who they are after their experiences in life, and the way you can feel it, because the writing gives that to you. Really, you can feel and understand, from the shitty family and social fear in Kai's case, to the precarious economic situation that leaves Garret enlisting without his heart on it.

I can't express myself in English as I would like, and I hate it right now, but I think the feeling this book gave me can be summarize as follows: I've laughed (a lot) I felt hot (very. Cheeks flushed an all) and I understood and empathized with both perfectly, loving them like crazy!.

"Kissing you is even better than I imagined, and trust me, I imagined a lot"

I specially love how Kai wants to face his situation for love, how he feels insecure and how Garret, the patient and awesome Garret, helps and supports him. As I said, what a couple!

This is a sweet book. No big angst here, but this is a very heartfelt story and I was so involved that I felt every single thing between our boys.

"Thank you for not giving up on me"

And now, I'm sorry, readers, but I have to leave. Dominic's story and a bottle of wine are waiting for me! ;)

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Practice Makes Perfect (Housemates, #3)Practice Makes Perfect by Jay Northcote
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First of all, I must say, even though this is book three in the Housemates series, it can be read perfectly as a standalone novel. But I recommend reading the predecessors, just for the fun of it!

Dev has to move out his dorm because some stupid homophobic students are giving him a hard time.
Settle in his new home, he meets Ewan, his neighbor, who agrees to give Dev some sexual experience in exchange of statistics lessons.
What Ewan is really doing is protecting a sexy and naïve guy from a not so innocent world, so you could say, Ewan's intentions are sweet and kind from the very first moment and it makes you love him since the beginning.
And the same with Dev. This cute, insecure, virgin guy, weird in the social relationships, is so lovely and insecure you gonna like him since page one.
These two characters together? they are adorable!

I really enjoyed this story. Dev and Ewan are sweet, cute and funny. Once I started I could not stop reading. This is something Northcote usually do for me, so it wasn't a surprise.

The pace is great, the conversations fluid and funny, the characters very likable, entertaining and developed, and the sex is hot.

This is the other thing I loved of this book: good, steamy, hot sex in the exact and perfect amount. And the same with the angst. There is little angst, coming mostly from Dev and Ewan's insecurities and fears. But it is something light, easy, based on the uncertainties of our main characters and perfectly fitted in this sweet and lovely story.

No doubt Jay Northcote knows how to write MM romance.

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Elastic Hearts (Hearts, #3)Elastic Hearts by Claire Contreras
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the third and last book... It's sad... But I have enjoyed the three of them.

Victor was great and the perfect definition of him was given by Nicole at the begging of their story:

"He'd always been funny. Strange and intense and funny. He was the kind of guy that could have you pinned against the wall one second and kick you out of his office the next but not let you think he was kicking you out"

But Victor is much more than this. He is also sweet, and hot, and smart, and an alpha male capable of a lot of jealously and al lot of sweetness.

Nicole is a sassy girl and I liked her all right She is strong and knows how to deal with Victor.
They have a lot of chemistry together but I have to say that, personally, I preferred the previous stories because both of them has an intensity this one doesn't.

But don't take me wrong, Elastic Hearts has enough love, hotness and friendship to give it four stars, so read it! Because U want to know more about Victor, I know you do!

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Soul of a WarriorBLURB: Hours before she is torn away from everything she knows, Kimi Wicker comes face to face with a tall blond-haired stranger who claims to be her mate. But he also claims to come from another world. Thinking the guy a crazy psychopath, Kimi tries to run with her two best friends and a feisty tabby-cat in tow. No one anticipates a second stranger showing up, one with a completely different agenda. Kimi and her friends don't know who to trust when they find themselves abandoned on the hostile alien world. They are given no reason for why they are being left behind and no weapons to defend themselves against the predators of this strange new world. One man will do anything to see Kimi brought back safely, even sacrifice his own life. The second wants them both to suffer, alive, but forever out of reach of each other.

Soul of a Warrior by Denna Holm
         My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a fantasy book in a Science Fiction frame, maybe you can define it as a interplanetary fantasy. It's not paranormal romance as I thought when I started reading it. In fact the main characters are in different places (planets!) for more than the 60% of the book. Maybe the book description gives the wrong idea, but this story is much more than it looks at first sight.

The idea is pretty cool and I have to say that Denna Holm has created a great universe here. The book is very well written and very visual, It's easy to imagine this book on screen. I really like the idea of hunters and trackers and the way they work together.

Soul Of a Warrior is an fantasy adventure with an underlying love story, settled in the nice premise that you carry part of someone´s soul within your body since the moment of your conception and part of your´s is with them.

The author moves the heroine from a cowboy's bar in Oregon, to Lavina, a terrifying planet where Kimi, her two friends and her cat have to survive facing all kind of critters. Between them, very attractive creatures as vampires (Laizahlians) and werewolves (lycaeonians), not so attractive ones like slavers, and interesting beings as dragons (esjnars), kalamaks, eyotas, Zephir... The author shows a great imagination creating this alien world.

"Why she couldn´t be a normal person and just screw some boy in the back sit of a car. Wasn´t that wild enough? No, she´d rather save herself for someone really special, like a blood-drinking, green-eyed freak"

Kimi is a strong female character and very often a very funny one. I love the strength in her and the pragmatic way she faces the danger and the fear. I like her the most when they arrived the gate of Xandraya (I know, I know, a super cool name for a city in an alien planet). This is, probably, my favorite part in the book.

I like when a female character is capable of support the main role in a story. This one can. Perfectly and I have to congratulate the author for that.

I have to say I found some scenes a little too long but maybe because I'm not a big fan of action/adventure books. But everything changes once the three humans arrives Xandraya. Great action starts there and I enjoyed it a lot. My problem resides in the too described scenes where Kimi, Mandy & company face danger after danger, and critters and more critters. I would loved to read the interaction between the humans and the laizahlians & lycaeonians since the beginning and not so far the in the story. But it's just me, probably any reader (specially fantasy's fans) would love it.

I want to emphasize I found Gabriel and Calem very interesting, and I hope they will have their own book. Tallyn and Amanda were both also amazing characters, and I would loved to read more about them together. Maybe they will have their own book?

I recommend this book to any fantasy/science fiction adventures fan and I'll wait for more, because there will be more, right?

An advanced reading copie of this book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review

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Craving Redemption (The Aces, #2)Craving Redemption by Nicole Jacquelyn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

2.5 "this is not what I was expecting" stars.

Callie meet Asa at the wrong place, among wrong guys, involving wrong circumstances. And, after that first encounter, everything changes in Callie's life, needing Asa to protect and take care of her.

I didn't expect this story... And what was I expecting? I don't now, but at least, some of the good stuff I love in bikers books: that crime vibe with some intrigue, that always achieve to catch me. The dark atmosphere, that drags me in and stick with me for days. A hot badass hero with his hot badasses friends. Enough dirty talk, tough scenes, rough sex and great love... The usual MC background.

Unfortunately, this book has none of the characteristics mentioned above.
None. And it's a shame because I loved Craving Constellations and loved Grease in the first book. So knowing this story started where the first book ended, kept me on the edge, hungry for more.

And... Well, let's say, this book JUST starts where C. Constellations ends. Literally. After the first chapter, everything is past tense until the last chapter. Literally again.

And the past story about an immature and needy sixteen years old girl, and a guy named Asa (not Grease here. Really. He could had been a plumber or a mechanic with a bike) was not for me.
I wanted to kill her very often, and when I didn't want to kill here, I was wanting to kill Asa for loving her.
I didn't understand their relationship, and unfortunately I didn't feel it.

As I said, is a shame, because I started this story enthusiastically, and that's not the way I felt once I read it.

Anyway, I am probably going to try Craving Absolution, because I like Cody but, with this disappointment, this time I am starting the book with no hopes.

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Craving Constellations (The Aces, #1)Craving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this one! I loved it!

Brenna came back home after five years of being away. Escaping from her abusing husband, she looked for comfort in the arms of the Motorcycle Club of her childhood, the one she left during college, hiding a big secret with her.

This is the story of Brenna and Dragon and let me tell you, it's not an easy one. It's told by a girl who has lived the ACES Motorcycle Club since she was born. She is used to violence and bad behavior and sees things in a way you, reader, maybe not. She has been surrounded of rough men and criminals all her live so her point of view could be far from yours at times. It works for me perfectly, anyway and, if you are a biker's books fan, you will love it as I did.

After running away from the life Brenna thought was wrong for her, she ended up marrying a sociopath who was evil personified. Not his pop, not the Aces Brothers, not biker's life. No. The man she thought was her way out, ironically was her worst nightmare.

I loved the way Brenna realizes what is important in life, how she finally understands family. Her family at least. But regarding this, there is one thing (well, probably more) I didn't understand from Brenna: how she possible go away for five years without contacting her father? I'm not talking here about Dragon, I'm talking about the lack of contact with the dad she knows loves her more than anything.

The other POV is Dragon's. He is a great hero and a very well written one as well.
You will enjoy his dirty mouth as much as I enjoyed it, and the mix of rough and sweet in him.
I think he is my favorite thing in a book full of things I liked. But, really, I could empathized with Dragon and I understood his behavior, mostly.
What I completely understand is his feeling of helplessness as he discovers the secrets kept from him.

I give it 5 stars out of 5and not just because I'm a biker's books addict but because there is love, action, hot sex and angst in the perfect measure.

Enjoy it!

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Princess DraculaPrincess Dracula by John Patrick Kennedy
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

All starts in a convent in 1476 where an eighteen years old princess awaits for his father who is, no more and no less than the almighty Vlad Dracula.

A sarcastic and tyrant angel changes her in something she doesn't want to be and that is what this story tell us: how Ruxandra looses her innocence and naivety, how she becomes a creature of darkness while trying not to be a monster.

The story lays between the idea of Bram Stoker's legendary Vlad Dracula and Ann Rice's vampire with a soul. Ruxandra is daughter of the former, but has more similarities with the latter, with the regretful/tormented vampire that hates to feed on humans.

The dark atmosphere and the loneliness and fear vibe are well made. And the loneliness is a constant since Ruxandra spent most of the time in the book by herself. But don't be afraid of it, dear reader, her inner dialogue makes it very easy to read.

A entertaining tale, a little repetitive and slow at times but really well written. You have to read this story as the beginning of something, because that is what this is and, for me personally, the best part starts near to the end promising a good second book.

***This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review***

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True Colors (True Love, #2)True Colors by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Marco and Oskar were best friends until something happened between them when they were 16 years old. Now, 4 years after, Oskar is back to Marco's life and they have to deal with their past, feelings, insecurities and resentments.

This is a story of a beautiful friendship, a book about hate and love- and the thin line between them-. This is a novel based on second chances, regrets and forgiveness. This is a story about colors and perceptions masterfully told by Anyta Sunday.

I loved this book. LOVED IT! It made me feel every emotion with the protagonists. I felt every stare, every vulnerability, every insecurity. The love, the resentment, the unrequited trust, the lust. EVERYTHING.

True Colors was a fantastic read, an awesome story that had me crying and smiling, all the way.
Really, I was crying on page twenty or twenty something (10% of the story, I think). Don't know why. It wasn't a moment of big angst right there, it was just the way Anyta Sunday writes, how she perfectly introduce us to Marco and Oskar, how the story starts and grows.

I read part of this book on the beach, listening to the sound of the sea waves, while my little girls were playing on the sand, and I thought "This is perfect" and it was, perfect book for a perfect moment. True Colors was IT for me: PERFECT.

It was beautiful, sweet, hot, a little angsty, with amazingly likable characters and depth enough to drag you in and make you feel what the characters are feeling since the very beginning.

I know I'm not even talking about the story itself, just my thoughts here and there, but this could be a good point, this way you can find out, by yourself, how amazing Oskar and Marco are!

This was not my first book by Anyta Sunday. and it won't be the last. I'm starting "Leo loves Aries" as soon as I can, and after that one ,no doubt I'm gonna pick another, and then another... So, Thank you Anyta for your writing!

**This book was generously provided to me via Netgalley**

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Leo Tops Aries (Signs of Love, #1.5)Leo Tops Aries by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Time to pluck some cherries"

I love Theo and Jamie and I enjoyed the stubbornness, the jealousy, and the playfulness in this short story.
It is a great thing to read more about this sexy couple, witnessing their complicity is still there.

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Leo Loves Aries (Signs of Love, #1)Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an awesome read!
What a nice way to reach the maximum rate!
Congrats, Anyta Sunday, you did it again!

This is the kind of book I always crave. This is the story I always want to read and feel. These are the characters that always make me smile. These are the conversations that I enjoy the most: the funny and smart ones.

This is the kind of book my kids and husband are afraid of: the one that makes me forget everything around and skip out on any task and keep reading. Yeah, yeah, Shame on me..., but when I'm loving a book it keeps me absorbed and unconscious of the the world around. My obsession level was so high with Theo and Jamie's story, last Sunday (hitting the 60% of the book) when my little girls were asking for dinner I thought "Dinner!?? If they just had lunch! How many times humans need to feed!". ;) Yep, that disturbing level.

Now, seriously. There are terrific reviews out there, and this isn't going to be one of them because I can't say anything new (so I'm not trying to do it).I just gonna say: If you like slow burn MM romance, you have to read this one, because it will give you what you are asking for. A perfect friends-to-lovers story.

But if you have any doubts or need further incentive, I just gonna expound a few undeniable facts:

Jamie and Theo are awesome. They are good people who deserves happiness, and more good people to share their lives with. Special mention here to Leone. She is a terrific character, I love her strength and independence. I'm Proud of her!

The book is very funny . Great quotes, fantastic humor and awesome interactions. I loved every single page.

The slow burn is delicious.The flirt. The tease. The growing trust. The sweet and entertaining jealousy.

The friendship this two guys build is enviable. You can witness the bond growing while Theo and Jamie create something beautiful. I was mesmerized.

"Love is a Hollywood invention. It's right next to Maglor and Middle Earth in a Talkien dictionary"

The sex is hot and in the perfect amount . Dirty and funny, between hot guys that I completely loved. I especially love Theo, he is one of those characters I become obsessed with. Oh, who I'm kidding? I am a little obsessed with Jamie too. He is kind, caring with both the Leos, patient and super funny. Jamie is lovely and the perfect match for our smartass Theo. There is a characteristic both of them share and its is selflessness. They always act in their beloved ones benefit.

"And if I can't swim?"
"I swim for both of us"

One of the most beautiful things in this story is the fact that Theo never asks himself if he is gay. There is no inner struggle. He never questions his sexuality or attraction to another man. The feelings just flow. He is attracted to his best friend, he has fantastic sex with him, he cares about Jamie and wants him to be happy. And after some funny time being clueless, he discovers he is completely in love with him.

"He'd never been turned on by any other guy before. He was confident when he said he wasn't gay. The thought of getting off with Jamie didn't make him question his identity or make him curl into a ball of angst. Sex didn't define who he was"

I really love the the initial quotes in every chapter. A smile always in my face imagining the situation described. Loved it!

So, let's recap: this lovely story is about honesty, friendship and loyalty. Here you have two good guys, and you always want to read about good guys who find love, right? Much more if they are hot, smart, funny and written by Anyta Sunday.

I almost feel pity for my next book... It has to be soooo goood, just to compete with Leo loves Aries.

**This book was generously provided to me, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review**

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In The Absence of YouIn The Absence of You by Sunniva Dee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

He is a broken rock star, whose girlfriend has left him shattered in pieces.
She is the merch girl, who talks about a strange gypsy plague. About a love so intense it kills.
This is a story of unrequited love, unreciprocated love, toxic love. But this is not a love story. Not itself. Not as you think.

"As long as I don't run into my soul mate, I'll be fine. If I do though, I know for a fact that it is checkmate"

This is a shocking book. A risky modern 'tragedy' about a girl who falls in love with a guy who loves another woman.
Emil is hurting because his ex left him. He doesn't want to continue without Zoe. And Aishe is there. She is just that. The girl in his tour bus. The beautiful gypsy ready to make him forget.

"Who the fuck knew girls could create holes in a guy's chest? It's like a crater in there, a fucking big, empty crater".

Their relationship is sick. Toxic. Unhealthy. Aishe's behavior is a shame for the women kind. Gypsy plague or not.
I thought even to drop the book a few times because my thoughts were something like: "Come on Aishe! Really? Again? Where is your pride? Are you stupid? Leave him alone! Why you can't see he is in love with another girl? he doesn't love you!"

But nope, I'm a masochist and I didn't give up. The plot and the writing kept me reading because it had something addictive. Even when Aishe is making you cringe with her behavior, you like her. I don't know how the author makes that possible but, yeah, even when you are hating her, you like her. At least, you do at first, because there is a moment in the story that she is just a sick, obsessive, manipulative person and I really didn't see that coming. But at that point I didn't know what to think any more.

The "funny"thing is ( and the quotation is necessary because there is nothing funny about it) I didn't hate Emil as much as I hate our heroine. I can understand heartbreak and he is beyond broken. He was completely honest with Aishe about his impossibility of feeling something for someone else. His behavior is right toward our heroine? Hell no, it's not, he is awful. Awful but straightforward. So I felt more sympathetic with him that with Aishe's pitiful and annoying attitude.

"I hate how I feel. What does money, success and adoration mean when you lose the simplest, most important thing that makes you breathe?"

I gave this original book 3 stars even if this kind of drama is not my thing. I think it is different, shocking, the writing is appealing, the story is very well done and the author risks a lot achieving something great and difficult: keep me reading even if it was not my kind book at all.

**This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review**

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Falling for Him
Falling for Him by C.L. Mustafic
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"By the time their lips met, he was sure there was already brain matter leaking from his ears"

Bisexual cop Lex Turner meets straight Doc Gavin Anderson and after a weird, messy threesome, something starts between the two of them. Something, none of them is prepared for.

This is, above everything, a book about friendship. No, cross out that. This is a funny and sweet book about friendship and love, riddled with great quotes and hot sex.

"Oh holly shit! Lex had kissed him again! Gavin was confused because he'd maybe, kind of, somewhat, enjoyed it. What the hell was going on?"

Gavin, our Doc, is a lovable dork, stuttering included. He is going through a disastrous divorce and he meets -apparently cold- agent Cooper, while he has to deal with the humiliation his shitty ex wife is giving him.
One night, after some drinks, straightforward Lex, and naïve and inexperienced Gavin, end up in bed together sharing a woman.

Here is my Warning: I have some friends that don't appreciate M/F/M sex scenes in MM romance books. Well, here we have two of them and they are completely explicit. In my opinion, it's vital in the story. It's the way our MCs connect and feel each other for the first time, and the scenes are sexy as hell, too.
Personally, I enjoyed these threesomes a lot, and not only because I am super smutty, but also because I could witness Gavin's insecurities in his first time "with" a man, and how Lex wanted to be with him, more than with the -nameless for me- girl.
These scenes reminded me slightly of the first encounters in "Just a bit obsessed" by Alexandra Hazard, book that I loved.

What to say about our heroes?

Gavin is cute, sweet and naïve. He seems confused most of the time. He is a bit lost, clueless, and I liked his oblivious behavior even though I think it was a bit too much. Really, I don't know how Gavin made it through a marriage (with a malicious bitch, no less) or though life in general.

Lex, on the other hand, is strength where Gavin is weakness. He is a experienced man who has a crush on the doctor since the very beginning. He is a selfless and devoted son, a loyal friend and in Gavin's words "officer Turner, aka Lex, the God of awesome, kinky, threesome sex".
But he is also insecure. He doesn't want to hurt the doc and he is afraid of telling him, a straight guy, that he has feelings for him.
Lex is affectionate and very funny and my favorite person in this story.

"Are you, doc?"
Gavin was speechless, but Lex waited until he couldn't compose himself enough to speak.
"Are I what?"
"Not an English professor, that's for sure"

Together they are cute and scorching hot at the same time.

In my opinion, It's not easy to write good supporting characters, but Riley and Sheila (the friends) deserve a mention here. The couple was understanding and really funny. I enjoyed their interactions a lot. Quotes like: "So you gonna be gay now?" or "I'm never talking to you again if you give any details about you and that cooper having butt sex" had me reading with a smile on my face most of the time.

I really enjoyed the progressive transition from occasional threesome participants-to friends-to lovers.
I always get the most out of the slow burn, the flirt, the not knowing what to do, the clueless characters and the funny and entertaining dialogues and, dear readers,"Falling for him" by CL Mustafic has it all.

So, why I´m not giving this book the highest rate? Well, basically the reasons are two: It turned a bit too long (not boring, not at all, just long) on the second half and, also, I REALLY HAVE TO LOVE a story and its characters to get to the maximum score. It is not an easy task, and the author did a great job here, really good, and I am looking forward to read what comes next with CL Mustafic. If it is something near this one, I´m gonna love it!

**This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Desingn in exchange for an honest review**

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A Collision with Reality (In Like Flynn #1)A Collision with Reality by Storm Duffy
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 "put up or shut up" stars.

Erotica is not my genre, and this one is pure erotica, no feelings implied. Not right now, anyway, and I want to know what happens next, because I think if I knew more about Flynn and Dom I would enjoy the story more than I actually did.

I need to connect with the characters but "A collision With reality" is so short I couldn't do it, and it's a shame because it has the potential. If you like short and quick reads, you will enjoy yourself with this one.

Even if this is a very short story, it's well written and full of dirty talk (or I must say dirty thoughts since basically all the story is developed in Flynn's imagination)

I will read the next one, of course I will, I'm looking forward to know more about the main characters because I have to say that the hookup was over practically when it started, and I wanted more!

This book was provided by the author via IndiGo marketing & design in exchange for an honest review

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Dating in Retrospect (States of Love)Dating in Retrospect by Lila Leigh Hunter
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

**This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.**

Clay and Aaron meet after fifteen years of being apart and Clay wants Aaron back in his life, so he suggests his ex a year of dating, hopping to win him back in this time.

I thought I would love this book. I really wanted to. I enjoy second chances stories, mostly because of the angst that they usually contains in some point. But in this book something was... off. I could not connect with it, with them. I didn't feel it.

In my opinion, the conversations between Clay and Aaron seems unnatural, forced. And the same happens with the nicknames. They call each other "Sunshine" and "Love" since the very beginning and, personally, I think it is a little out of place, mostly since the breakup was a hurtful one and a long time ago.
Seriously, after fifteen years without any interaction, I think the terms of endearment don't fit here and, since during the time they've been separated, one of them has been married to a woman and the other has been in a relationship with another man for five years... It seems... I don't know... Weird?

Maybe the "second chance" thing didn't work for me because it was like they never had been apart. Clay left Iowa fifteen years ago choosing his career over Aaron and everyone treats him like he went on a business trip for the weekend.

I do not like to say bad things about a book. I really hate it but, this one was not for me.
Anyway, if you give this book a try it could work for you perfectly, because reading is a very subjective thing and the one above is just one opinion!

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The Wizard of Kharathad (T.W.O.K., #1)The Wizard of Kharathad by Matia ben Ephraim
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** An advanced reading copie of The Wizard of Kharathad by Matia ben Ephraim was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review***

The author take you in a very appealing journey, with a great main character in a magic world full of beauty, adventures and mystery. It is very well written book, with very likable characters and a rich language that embellish the story even more.

But I have to say, I didn't know that this book was not an standalone novel. The Wizard of Krarathad is the first book in a series and some of the enigmas and mysteries remain unanswered at the end of this first book.

That been said, let's start with my opinion:

This is a book you can read for your own entertainment or, like I did, also to your kids in bed at night, because this is a beautiful tale whose basis is nobleness and kindness and whose hero is a really nice character, with a big heart and integrity, who transports you to a universe where truth and honesty really matters.

I loved the way the author based magic on the belief of God, in some form of another. And I specially loved something Gabriel teaches Dogalas about wizards: 'all men should be noble, virtuous and decent- but as wizards, we above all others must be an example to those few who are not.'

The problem for me with this one (and I emphasize "FOR ME" here) is the long descriptions and the extremely detailed narration. But of course this is, as I said, MY problem, because even though I read a lot, I have to recognize that I am a lazy reader. It happened to me with 'The Pillars of the Earth' and with 'The Lord of the Rings' books with a very high rate, so...
Fortunately, reading is a very subjective thing, and you probably will enjoy every page of this beautiful adventure.

I encourage to any fan of epic fantasy adventures to immerse themselves in this story of magic, elves, gyontar, wharlocks, dragons... In the world Matia Ben Ephraim has ingeniously created.

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Murder in Plain Sight: a Summer McCloud paranormal mysteryMurder in Plain Sight: a Summer McCloud paranormal mystery by Nikki Broadwell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

**This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review.**

This story starts with a murder connected to Summer, our heroine, that makes her run away, introducing the reader to an old mysterious disappearance, involving magic, ambiguous felonies, and more murders.
Everything happens very fast in this paranormal mystery, and I love the pace, don't misunderstand me, in fact I really enjoyed the first 50 pages. The pace was not my issue with this book.

My main problem with this one was the incoherence of the story, the inconsistencies.
I don't want to spoil nothing so I'm not giving examples but, sadly, this book has a few nonsenses, like incongruous conclusions and really wrong judgements, ironically coming the most from a cop (our heroine's boyfriend is a cop, a terrible one, if you ask me).

Every time I was enjoying the story and wanting to know what was going to happen, someone jumped to a ridiculous conclusion and kicked me off the book completely.

Maybe I didn't enjoy this one because I have read lots of mystery books in my life and I am a very picky with them. I don't know. I just know it wasn't for me.

I love the suspense, the way this kind of novels makes me think and has me constantly guessing and on the edge of my chair (or sofa, or bed).
I want them to be difficult, to make me struggle to know what is happening and who did what.

In my modest opinion, in mystery, is equally important the conclusion and the way you come to this conclusion. I think this is exactly the charm mystery books has, and what "Murder in plain sight" lacks.

I hate to give bad reviews but this book was not for me, and it's really a shame because the premise seemed very attractive, and I usually enjoy paranormal mystery.

If you are not as used as I am to mystery books maybe you could love this story.

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Saffron and Seaweed: a Summer McCloud paranormal mystery (book 2)Saffron and Seaweed: a Summer McCloud paranormal mystery by Nikki Broadwell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

** This book was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review**

In this second installment, Summer McCloud and his cop boyfriend, Jerry, leave Ames to have some vacation in the beach town of Watch Hill, but as they arrived, they discover a dead body in the water and the mini holidays gets complicated.

The plot is good and I like the idea of a team made up of psychic skills (Summer) and detective abilities (Jerry). It is a really great combination. I think I enjoyed this one more than 'murder in plain sight'.

The fast pace is one of the best things of this book. It drugs you in, wanting to know more. Everything happens fast and the dialogues go straight to the point.

Nikki Broadwell has created a great scenario, mixing paranormal elements, with some politics, converging in a thriller with some twists and turns.

That being said, now I have to explain why this book wasn't my cup of tea.

First of all I need to say, the way they face the dead woman discovery upset me a bit. I don't know how to explain it... in some point Summer was even worried because a storm was coming, and she thought something like"I hopped we could spend some time in the beach. I wanted to work on my tan". Seriously? Is not a priority to know what happened? This probably affected me more than it should but I think, sadly, it determined the rest of my reading.

The other thing I don't get is that they should be a great team: psychic and cop together? Come on! piece of cake! But, no, they are not. They are constantly ranting in a childish way, and dismissing the obvious, or worse, jumping to conclusions without a clear cognitive development (not clear to me, anyway)

For the reasons above it didn't work for me but this is just my opinion and it could work for you perfectly, because, the thing is, I am very picky with suspense themes, so this is a problem of mine and no one else's.

In spite of my rate, you probably should give this story a go, I think it would work perfectly for some readers. So if you are attracted to the synopsis (as I was) and the great cover (it is great) give "Saffron and Seaweed" a try!

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Settling the Score Settling the ScoreSettling the Score by Eden Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love when I can't put a book down once I have started and, with "Settling the Score", it happened. I have been awake till 4 AM last night because I needed to finish it.

This is a beautiful love story between a man who has written 28 books and a guy who never has finished one. The contrast between them seems huge but, as you go along with the story, you realize both are very similar and they complete each other perfectly and, above everything, both are good men who just want to be happy and to be loved.

This is a slow burn MM romance with a southern naïve guy and an educated man who knows betrayal and disappointment first hand. Both main characters are very likable and not perfect at all but, at the same time, I can not say anything bad about them or their behavior, because I loved each one separately and I loved them together.

Is impossible not to feel sorry for Joey since the very beginning. Dumped and outed on national television in front of all his family in a small (and homophobic) southern town. But this is the perfect presentation for him because even in this moment, with all his dreams shattered, he managed to be kind, sweet and honest. Adjectives that characterize him till the end of the book.

I think the thing I loved the most is the inner evolution in Joey. How the shy guy becomes the confident man who wins the cynical writer's heart.

This is a great book. You are gonna smile (a lot). You're gonna feel sympathetic with both characters. Probably you're gonna cry (Oh yeah, I did it a couple of times) and you are gonna enjoy the journey these two started the day they met.
But I have to warn you: If you are expecting a lot of rough sex scenes and dirty talk (things that I absolutely love in a book, don't misunderstand me) this one is not for you. This is a sweet, beautiful story, that leaves you smiling and thinking good people deserves happiness in their lives.

Congratulations Eden Winters! You have a new fan in me!


**This book was provided by the author via IndiGo Marketing & Design in exchange for an honest review.**

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