Victoria Sue is kicking the Sci-Fi frame with her Enhanced Series and Simone tells us about the latest installment in this MM Romance

Beneath This Mask by Victoria Sue
Simone’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

***4.5 Stars***

"A different set of eyes never sees the same picture."

Gael Peterson does not want to feel attracted to this guy. He does not want to want him. Much less like him.

Jake Riley, former member of the ENu (short for Police Enhanced Unit), a kind of rather testosterone-ridden SWAT team that is called in everytime a so-called Enhanced seems to be out of control, reminds him of everything he hates about being different. Not only because of his special abilities, but also because of the ugly scars on his face. Even if his ability of having an impenetrable skin should give him all the security he needs, it is his uniform that makes him feel safe. And now said Jake Riley is about to turn his world upside down by not just being the newest member of Gael's H.E.R.O. team, a special unit of the FBI consisting in equal shares of Enhanced and 'regular' humans, hell no, it is getting even w…

Buffy is back. Season 8 has been released on comic and has a very promising start. I´m in nerd-heaven

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home by Joss Whedon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reading about Buffy after Buffy’s last episode is something that I would never expect years ago.
Reading about Buffy season 8, written or supervised by Whedon himself is kinda dream for my inner nerd. Because that nerd is pretty alive (and proud). As alive as Buffy Anne Summers, profesional slayer, is.

Everything ended like this:

And now it starts with a complete blast, outstanding humor and a fabulous setting. Too fabulous for a tv show budget I guess, and that’s one of the reasons we have the comics instead.

Sunnydale doesn’t exist anymore and our gang (what remains) is facing a new and unknown menace: Twilight. And of course the same old evil (some things never change)
Also, another super pro to read it, is that in this first volumen they clarify some shit said about Buffy in Angel Season 5, so happy nerdy camper here.

*sighs* I can’t get enough

Highly recommend for Buffy fans

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A sexy freebie by Anyta Sunday: Signs of Love #3.5 for a good cause.

Gemini Rules Capricorn by Anyta Sunday
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sexy little thing. Literally: it is short (20 pages) and very, very steamy.

Revisiting Wesley and Lloyd has been a huge pleasure and reading about how dirty the can be an enormous plus. Because they are naughty boys here and you’ll be glad to get to know this side of the cute-sweet couple.

Even with the short length Anyta achieves in giving us the big picture: how are they, how are the secondary characters and how and what they feel. Perfect vision in a few hot pages and believe me, there’s a lot of hotness here.

Highly recommend!

If you download it from Amazon this month you’ll contributing to the Human Rights Campaign and that’s always a nice thing to do but anyway, it will be a freebie next moth so there are no excuses available to not read it. If you are a fan you’ll love it.

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My favorite book in years. I´m in need for another star, to express my love and devotion.

Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Poetic, beautiful, sad, melancholic, nostalgic and lyrical.
There. I’ve just used all the words that came to my mind, so don’t expect eloquence or useful comments from now on.

So powerful, evocative and intense I was warmed and stressed at the same time. And that was a weird (an unusual) mood because the strange feel of longing came so out of the blue, that I was a bit dizzy but, mostly, unprepared. Because yes, I had seventeen once and yes, I believed I was dying of love and sadness a few summers back then (not one summer, a few), but it wasn’t empathy or understanding what dragged me to the core of this story since, sometimes, understand Elio was complicated and unnerving (his teen self, at the end it was easier).
What pushed me to love it, was the way it’s written, the poetic and stunning prose, so peculiar and different to other books I’ve read. And special too, because it was a gift from my lovely friend Rosalinda who didn…

Book 8 in a series, still 4 stars and I can´t wait for next book to be out! Alessandra Hazzard did her magic again.

Just a Bit Shameless by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A British secret service agent (a very hot and possessive one) and a 18 years old pickpocket (the cute and sexy redhead with a huge crush in the big bad spy) work together in an undercover mission where they have to feign they are lovers. Well, sugar baby and daddy to be more specific. Nice age gap, enjoyable UST and entertaining story.

How the missions worked is still a mystery to me though, since Sam’s training was a bit deficient and ridiculous and the whole formulation was hard to believe. But hey, I’m not here to talk about the flaws in the MI6 work procedures, I’m here for the fun and this one was a lot of fun. Because you know what? As the cherry of the cake, Agent 11 AKA Dominic, is straight as an arrow (LMAO) A classical 007.

Unbelievable? Well yeah, but as I’ve said before I don’t care anymore about the realism in this series. I’m ok with it. I simply go with the flow and keep reading them because I want to. End…

The Straight Guys Series is one of the most addictive things evah! and Book 7 didn´t dissapoint at all.

Just a Bit Wicked by Alessandra Hazard
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my, how to explain the huge blast I had reading this...we are talking here about an almost a 4.5 stars so I guess the rating talks by itself.

A Russian homophobic guy who has been cheated by his girlfriend with a British out and proud bisexual model. Two flames in the same bonfire. Two opposite men strongly attracted to each other. A complete wtf so enjoyable I couldn’t put it down.

Tbh, the first interaction between the MCs is so ridiculous, I can’t even. But at the same time it has the same addictive ingredient Alessandra Hazard provides all her books in this series making you a junkie who doesn’t care about anything else anymore. Because let’s be clear here: these books are like crack and even if I get why they don’t work for some people it seems I can’t have enough of the them. I’m a declared fan of the Just a Bit series and there’s no shame in it. I don’t even care.

The story of Vlad and Sebastian is hot as hell, …

My first experience with Claire Davis and Al Stewart and the duo surprised me with a fabulous and original story telling

Dear Mona Lisa... by Claire Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unique. Special. Meaningful

You know I can get a bit cheesy when I’m touched and this little gem touched me in all the right places. It has been kind of an acupuncture story: small but pointed needles destined to create feelz.
But this healing therapy that Dear Mona Lisa is, it isn’t just a feeling’s source. It transcends the fiction department, leaving you wanting to be a better person, a better mom and to be there for those who may or may not need you.


With references of tonalities everywhere, this book is about the different colors and shades your life can acquire depending on your experiences and the people you share them with. The special color of a dawn that can talk to you. To your heart.
This is about facing reality, about being a good parent, a friend, a lover. This is about healing or accepting some wounds will be there no matter what.


This is more than a love story. This is a book about an apparently o…

This bloodier and more sadistic fourth installment in the Metahuman Files is also full of chemistry, camaraderie and humor.

In the Blood by Hailey Turner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Do you see that gleaming ray Hawkeye is creating with his bow? Yeah? That’s the ray of light I needed to get in my Metahumans mood once again and Hailey Turner achieved to shine one more time and blind me with some good stuff.
I’m not always up for superheroes stories. In fact, excluding a handful of good ones I find the superheroes movies and tv shows tremendously mediocre and the hype they create doesn’t help to my cause either. Shitty dialogues, zero charismatic protagonists and super-fast action everywhere.
So when Hailey appears with this book and achieve to keep my attention, with good dialogues and a great atmosphere, I’m sold, superhero’s mood or not. So thank you for that, dear author.

Another important thing here is that I’m not a fan of sequels about same couples. I am not. I don’t read them. I get bored so easily it’s almost unbelievable, so another huge achievement I want to praise and thank because boredom here was a gala…